What's it like to be a
"Nude" photographer?

(of course I don't mean I'm nude)

Well, I'll tell you. I remember sitting in the garage behind some boxes when I was about 10 years old, looking at a dirty magazine I had somehow snagged. I thought,

"damn, I hope I don't get caught!"

OK, then I thought,

"I would love to be the guy who takes these pictures!"

Next thing you know Big Daddy's a photographer! Actually there's a little more to it but you (hypothetically)
asked me what it was like

tn_kelli03.jpg (5662 bytes)
Click on the small pics to see a bigger one, some of them are around
100k for good quality so be patient,
it's worth it!

I will be showing
FULL NUDITY so keep going!

I can't give up all my secrets but I can tell you, having a few years experience in sales doesn't hurt! I am lucky enough to give people a sense of security in my dealings with them and the girls are the same way.
They know very quickly, that they can trust me.
They feel secure.

tn_danna02.jpg (4393 bytes)

Think of me as a cross between Howard Stern , Ed Powers and assorted other
well-known perverts.

Here are these sweet, beautiful creatures who have only been seen by a few, horny young boyfriends. They answer my ads because they want to make some extra money but almost all of them are afraid I'm just some guy looking to get laid. Not a real photographer looking for a certain type of innocent beauty.

tn_amy01c.jpg (4153 bytes)

tn_lina02.jpg (7977 bytes)

Most of them don't have any pictures to show me what their bodies look like so I let them know that I will have to see for myself. Of course they are shy, you probably would be too. I know immediately if their faces are cute but the rest of them is just as important.
So we do a Test Shoot.

My girls are amateurs, I don't hire those with experience. No pros here man!

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